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Audio Editing Services

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Allison assists authors and podcast hosts or producers with their audio editing needs.

See below for details on each service and be sure to get in touch with any questions!

Audiobook Editing


Audiobook Reel


  • Guidance for authors to narrate their own books

  • Assistance with equipment, set up, and recording tips

  • Audio editing including leveling, removing noise, fixing mistakes, and tracking retakes needed

  • Files prepared based on ACX requirements

  • Prompt feedback, communication, and turnaround

Steps to Voicing your own Audiobook
Quick Guide

Audiobooks edited for Sound Wisdom Publishing

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Podcast Editing


Podcast Reel


  • Editing including leveling tracks, mistake fixes, removing silence, filler words, and noise

  • Adding intros/outros, ads, trigger warnings

  • Creation of intro/outros or music beds

  • Preparing files in format usable for any podcast host

  • ID3 tagging

Clients include:

Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network, Northshore School Foundation, Take Notice Podcast

The following podcasts are edited for Leah Bryant Co.:

The Mindshift Podcast, T-Talk, NonProfit Ace, Part Time Wellness, All the DAMN Things, Leading Behind the Scene, CCDIY

Previous Podcasts:

Raising Adults: Future Focused Parenting, Horse Knowledge Blueprint

For Leah Bryant Co.:

Procast Programs, Glanzrock Trail Blazer

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Studio Equipment

Recording Gear

  • M-Audio M-Track 8x4M

  • MacBook Pro 2019

  • Rode NT1-A, Zoom ZDM-1, Audio-Technica AT3035

Digital Audio Workstation

  • Protools, Audacity

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