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Distribution Platforms for Podcasts

How do all of these independent podcasts end up on all of the many, many platforms we use to listen to our favorite shows anyway? Magic?

Seems like it! Until you look at some of these helpful companies I have listed below and find out that they basically do most of the work for you. Just a bit of set up ahead of time and you're good to go! Platforms like Buzzsprout are pretty good at keeping you up-to-date on changes, so you can kind of set it and forget it.

They all offer slightly different features at slightly different price points. So, take a little time to see what may make the most sense long-term for your podcast goals. Fortunately, most of them also make it super easy to transfer your show to their platform once you've already gotten started, so you can always make a switch later if you need to!

Spotify for Podcasters

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