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Headphone Suggestions for Beginning Podcasters

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Why is it important to have headphones as a podcaster? Especially if you're the only one recording?

Well - you hear yourself differently when you use headphones than without. It can be helpful to keep yourself focused or to hear if something sounds off with your mic while recording. Maybe there's a hum in the room that you didn't notice until you put your headphones on or your mic got WAY too loud when you laughed at something. Time to adjust...

It gets even more critical (especially for the editing process later!) for you to use headphones while recording interviews. It reduces echo, helps you hear the conversation better, and, if you're recording online, it keeps your guest's voice from bleeding through your speakers into your mic. A hassle to edit out (kinda impossible) later!

Below are a few of my favorite headphones to choose from. Remember, the important thing is to just get started! If you need to keep costs low for now, just use the headphones you use for your phone. You can always upgrade later!

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